Angel Fire Coffee™ Distributors
Breakfast Blend (Light-Medium) Gently roasted coffee beans
Cold Brew (Extra Dark) Near French Roast coffee beans blended for great flavor
Donut Shop (medium) Traditionally fine roasted
Tasting notes include nutty hints and sweet chocolate.
French Roast (extra dark) 
Perfectly roasted French Roast beans
Italian Roast (extra dark oily) 
If you like your coffee to just taste like very dark coffee
Half-Caff (1/2 Decaf) 
A mix of Decaf (chemical free decaf) and caffeinated coffee.
House Blend (medium) 
A popular medium roast, A mix of beans
Tasting notes include toffee, apples and a fairly heavy body.
Asian (medium) 
Our Asian Plateau coffee beans are a a medium roast
African (medium dark) 
An African Kahawa blend
 Decaf (dark or medium selections) 
 Decaf uses the unique process of  Water
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